Special Hazards Fire Protection

Protect your sensitive and highly valuable assets with the proper detection and suppression. Clean agent fire suppression will quickly suppress a fire without damaging equipment. This gaseous form of suppression is electronically nonconducting and does not leave a residue upon evaporation. Need to protect high value items such as historical artifacts or delicate electronic equipment? Consult with us about special hazards fire protection! ​ 

Kidde Fire Systems

Here at ABC Fire Extinguisher Inc. we offer Kidde Fire Protection Systems. Our team offers full installation and maintenance of these complex systems. Our technicians are factory trained and certified to ensure your system will meet manufacture specifications, engineering standards, and comply with all applicable codes and standards.


Our service can range from installations, smarts-and-parts, emergency repairs, upgrades, and periodic maintenance.​ All services are performed by factory trained and certified technicians ensuring professionalism throughout the entirety of your project. ABC is also a trusted partner for many general contractors in the area. If you have a project involving special hazards fire protection, you will always be satisfied choosing ABC Fire Extinguisher Inc.

  • Project Bids
  • As-Builts
  • Engineering Drawing with Stamps
  • Smarts & Parts
  • Clean Agent System Installation
  • Emergency Repair & Upgrades
  • Room Integrity Testing
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Computerized Records

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Why Choose a Special Hazard Fire System?

Clean agent fire suppression systems are becoming more popular every day, and for good reasons. These systems are capable of extinguishing fire and providing the ultimate protection to your business. As more innovation is introduced into the business world, equipment and processes become more complex and expensive. Clean agent systems avoid the risk of water damage and do not leave any residue after activation. The gases involved are non-toxic and safe for occupants. They offer a more environmentally responsible alternative of fire protection. They also offer automatic detection and activation. Above all, they are cost-effective. The cost to install and maintain a clean agent system pails in comparison to the cost if your business must shut down after a fire, or having to replace expensive equipment due to fire damage. While your current fire protection may extinguish a fire, what condition will your equipment be in if your current fire protection system, such as a sprinkler system, is activated? Clean agent fire suppression may have a greater initial cost; however they are an excellent investment to protect your business for the long run. ABC Fire Extinguisher Inc. is the area's top special hazards fire protection company!