Emergency Lighting

The primary purpose of emergency lights is to guide staff and customers to safety in the event of a critical situation. Emergency lighting systems require periodic inspections including a once-per-year 90 minute test. Don't be left in the dark, have ABC Fire Extinguisher ensure your emergency lighting is ready in case of a power outage!


Different types of lighting require their own approach to maintenance and a wrong move can cause power disruptions. Electricity poses as a hazard to individuals that are untrained on its fundamentals. Therefore, leave your emergency lighting inspection up to the professionals here at ABC Fire Extinguisher Inc. A trained electrician is your best option for installation of a new emergency light system. 

  • Monthly Inspections
  • Annual Testing
  • 90-Minute Burns
  • Battery and Bulb Replacement
  • Replacement of Poor Units
  • Compliance with Life Safety Codes

Professional emergency light inspections are beneficial to any business – and is just another service that ABC Fire Extinguisher Inc. can provide as your “ONE STOP SAFETY SHOP.” There are many different types of emergency lighting. Our team has access to countless manufacture parts. For a free consultation on your business's emergency lighting needs give us a call today!

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Three Different Purposes of Emergency Lighting:

  • Escape Route: These illuminate the escape and exit points in your establishment
  • High-Risk Task Area: This style of lighting points out various types of dangers to avoid during egress
  • Open area: This lights up large open spaces, which helps people feel safe enough to evacuate