Commercial Kitchen Systems

Need your kitchen or industrial pre-engineered fire suppression system maintained? Or do you need one installed? We have you covered!
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Range Guard & Kidde Systems

Here at ABC Fire Extinguisher Inc. we primarily offer Range Guard and Kidde fire suppression systems. Our team is excellent in installations, maintenance, repair, and even tear outs of existing systems. We ensure your system is up to manufacture specifications, compliant with NFPA standards, UL, and other applicable codes.


Our service can range from semi-annual maintenance, annual maintenance, new installations, emergency service calls, and existing system tear outs. All services are performed by factory trained and certified technicians ensuring the job will be completed to the highest level of competence.

  • Kitchen and Industrial Suppression Systems
  • Paint Booth Systems
  • Semi-Annual Maintenance
  • Installations
  • Modifications
  • Tank Hydrostatic Testing
  • Test Fires
  • Emergency Service after a system dump
  • Existing System Tear Outs
  • Computerized Records
  • Budget Forecasts

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Kitchen Fire Facts

  • Most restaurant fires begin in cooking areas which flare into the hood system
  • Fire flaring up into the hood system puts patrons, employees, and property in severe jeopardy
  • Due to grease build up, a fire can spread quickly into unseen areas of the hood system, never assume the fire is out because you don't see the flames
  • A quality and properly maintained hood suppression system along with properly trained staff greatly reduces the risk of a fire burning out of control
  • Class K fire extinguishers are required for commercial kitchens and shall only be used after the activation of the suppression system

Why Choose Range Guard?

  • Lower Maintenance Cost
    • Automatic Alarm Signal
  • Rapid Fire Detection
    • Quick, Easy Clean Up
  • Removal of Heat Source
    • 24-hour Continual Fire Protection
  • Immediate Fire Suppression
    • Pre-engineered, custom fit
  • Total Hazard Coverage
    • Exceeds UL300 standards
  • Prevention of Reflash
    • Engineering & Manufacturing Certified to ISO 9001